Why Zanzibar

Why Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an archipelago stunning islands in the Indian Ocean, which located in eastern coast of Tanzania which consist Unguja and Pemba islands.

Why we must go and see Zanzibar.?

Zanzibar is an island with the population of 1.5 millions which is dominant Muslim, apart from Islamic religion in Zanzibar but 4 percent Christians and 1 percent is Hindu mean while people still working together and helping one another.

As you are planning visit Zanzibar there the kind of thing to do, which basically divide into two form are educational and funny ones

Let us dive in educational thing like.

STONE TOWN: Stone town is ancient and landmark town for been prominent as trading center all east Africa, where different Merchants from around the world trade to Zanzibar for instance Parisians, Indian, Britain’s, China and French’s people as well now the town remind world heritage site while you see The Old fort, Former Slaves market Site, House of wonder, Fried Mercury houses and more more.

SPICES TOUR: The island was outstanding as spices island for being procures different spices like ginger vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, the natural lipstick tree, cardamom, paper and many more while you are the you will be be with local guide who guide you around the spices firm to see and touch them while experience see the coconut tree climber climb the palm tree while sings the JAMBO SONGS.

PRISON ISLAND: The small island with approximately of 35 meters where you will be able to Aldabra giant Tortoise which originally from Seashell you will enjoy short time to feed the tortoise. So now let us just take look the funny activities which involve.

SAFARI BLUE: The full-day trip which in involve different categories in the sea like beautiful snorkeling, having awesome time on the sandbank me awhile will have sunbath, swimming in natural swimming pool with squeaky clean water, you will see the most biggest baobab tree in the then after you will be served see food lunch like lobsters , prawn, octopus, calamari by our well educated and hygiene chef and so on. You will experience sail Dhow your way back from the trip.

KENDWA ROCKS BEACH: Through the island is remarkable for having various beaches around Zanzibar coast but Kendwa rocks where all water sports get done like Keyaki, Jet ski, parasang, banana boat and more funny things

PEOPLE: I have traveled a lot of countries around world but I never seen generosity people like Zanzibar to all are from Drivers from airport, Waiters and Waitresses, Tour guides, Receptionists so every is absolutely extraordinary person.
Thus I’m telling you Zanzibar is proper choice of vocations.